Succesful one-month language challenge

Written by Dyami Millarson 

Today is my birthday.

I challenged myself to learn Aasters, an unknown criticically endangered West Frisian tongue, in a limited time period from 16 April to 19 May; the challenge lasted 33 days until my birthday.

I started studying from the first day and I have been diligently studying until the last day. I am tired now on my birthday as a result of this. However, I am happy to announce to everybody that my one-month language challenge has been succesful and I will share with you later more details about my methods.

I began the one-month language challenge with solely 2 books. One was a simple self-study book with some grammar, vocabulary and exercises. The other was a reading book. I decided this was not enough so I looked for another second-hand Aasters reading book.

My first intuition was to study the Aasters irregular verbs whilst reading and analysing the Aasters texts of my 2 reading books.


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