Aasters language as birthday present

Written by Dyami Millarson 

Yesterday was my birthday and I got the Aasters language as birthday present.

How did that happen?

I struggled for an entire month to learn the language because I had challenged myself on 16 April to learn the language before my birthday. I did not always feel well and so I feared lest my language challenge should fail.

I studied Aasters until the last day and consequently I was exhausted on my birthday. My language challenge was succesful and so I got Aasters for my birthday.

I realise that I am probably the first and only one in the world who ever got Aasters for his birthday. I had done my best for it and it turned out for the best thanks to my own enthusiasm.

This shows that when you really want something and commit your mind to it fully, you can get it.

Aasters is one of the most beautiful birthday presents I ever got. I promise to nurture Aasters and keep the tongue alive by living a healthy, long life myself. I save Aasters through myself.

So I wish Aasters and myself a long life. We are one now, our fates are intertwined.


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