Aasters letter as proof of accomplishment

Written by Dyami Millarson 

The final test of my 1-month language challenge was to write a letter in Aasters to one of the last speakers of Aasters. I did this on my birthday when the moment of truth had arrived for me: I had to use the knowledge that I had acquired in one month while I had never composed a letter in Aasters before. I was really relieved when the letter was finished. This truly marked the end of the challenge.

Here is a screenshot of the Aasters letter:


I attached a 40-page document to the letter including all my answers to the exercises of the Aasters self-study book, detailed notes about my observations and my meticulous analyses of Aasters vocabulary.


The above-featured 40-page document, which I completed in the night of 18 May, serves as proof of my activities from 16 April until 19 May when the one-month Aasters language challenge had officially ended with the composition of an Aasters letter. I intend to make this document available to the public.

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