The 12 materials for Eilaunders

Written by Dyami Millarson

Whilst still purposefully immersed in the Aasters language challenge, I had already been making serious plans and preparations for starting the next language challenge. I realised that the best thing I could do was to start collecting Eilaunders/Schiermonnikoogs books so I would have enough matetials for my next language challenge.

I had initially made an effort to find out the names of authors of books in Eilaunders. I found that the works of the deceased Eilaunders author Pita Grilk would be particularly interesting for my next language challenge. For this reason, I decided to collect all the books of Pita Grilk using and I found one book of hers on

I found several materials by other authors apart from Pita Grilk as well, such as Wiersma and Fokkema. When I was looking for Eilaunders/Schiermonnikoogs reading material, it was serendipity that I found coursebooks about Eilaunders that I could order directly from Eric Augusteijn of the cultural-historical organisation ‘t Heer en Feer. He offered to sell me the complete 3-part series of coursebooks along with some other materials.

I have the following materials for my current language challenge:

  1. Op ‘e bjokkens fan de tiid
  2. Schiermontseiger lôzbúek
  3. Kursus Eilanders, Deel: 1
  4. Kursusboek eilander taal, Deel: 2
  5. Kursusbúek 3: Wierhôlingen en Ferjeppingen
  6. It efangeelje fan Mattheüs
  7. Beknopte Spraakkunst Schiermonnikoogs
  8. It swiere akkeurd
  9. Swyljen – It jonge hets – Eeunderwoois
  10. Krimpe – In minsk allene – Aud welkomtús
  11. De Pole en minsken
  12. De lytje Pole

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