Relationships: Break Up Because It Is Not working?

Written by Dyami Millarson 

People often say: Let’s break up because it isn’t working out between us. The ease with which people say this nowadays demonstrates that people need to make more work of their relationships. When things are not working out in your relationship, it is a sure sign you need to work harder on your relationship.

Relationships require lots of attention, and whatever requires attention requires effort. No relationship comes without effort. When things are not working right now, one should not easily give up. Nothing is achieved by giving up too easily. Therefore, it is best to put more effort in when things are not working.

People in the past had this philosophy about relationships: When something is broken, you just need to fix it. Throwing human beings away too easily is not just immoral, but it is a self-defeating attitude in life. Never give up too easily, be ready to fight for your relationship.

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