Relationships: Fighting Doesn’t Need to Be the End

Written by Dyami Millarson

Tensions or fights may be very common, even a daily occurrence, in some relationships. This may, however, not be a reason to give up on them. Relationships should be taken seriously, and giving up too easily means a lack of dedication. In fact, difficulties could be a sure sign that more work should be done for the relationship. Being in a relationship with another human being is a complex matter, it is an adventure, and it is a journey that should never be taken too lightly. Adventures can be challenging and bumpy, but if the adventure is treated with the maturity that is required of the adventurers, then there is no need for the adventure to end at all. Relationships require strength of character, and staying together requires bravery.

When people get into a heated argument, it is easy to say and think that it is the end. However, it does not need to be. It is about whether you want it to be the end. If you want to continue the adventure, then all you have to do is stay, and by staying, you can work on your relationship and figure things out. You may eventually learn how to avoid heated arguments with your partner, or at least to turn depressing conversations into cheerful conversations again. It is this ability that is vital for relationships.

Only by staying together, one can learn the truth about the other, and learn to adapt. Everyone has to adapt to each other, and that is why it is so important to listen and learn. Arguments could, in fact, help to increase mutual understanding, if they are accepted as life lessons. Sometimes, recurring arguments may be inevitable, but if cooler heads prevail so that the people in the relationship remain dedicated to staying together, it could lead to greater understanding and empathy over the years.


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