Interrogative Adverbs in Eilauners

Written by Dyami Millarson

The basic interrogative adverbs in Eilauners are:

  • Wer? Where?
  • Hò? How?
  • Wanneer? When?

Complex interrogative adverbs in Eilauners can be formed by suffixing a preposition to the basic interrogative wer (where) or an adjective to the basic adverb (how):

  • Werom? Why?
  • Wertroch? How, whereby?
  • Wermooi? How, with what?
  • Weryn? Where, in what, wherein?
  • Werop? Where, upon what, whereupon?
  • Weroon? Where, at what?
  • Werfeur? Why, for what, wherefore?
  • Werby? Where, near/at/close to what?
  • Werhanne? Where, whither, whereto? 
  • Werfandinne? (Werfan?) Where, whence, wherefrom?
  • Werút? Where, out of what?
  • Hòfier? How far?
  • Hòfole? How much? 

The interrogative adverbs are placed at the beginning of interogative sentences in Eilauners and these adverbs are followed by a verb followed by its subject (read about grammatical inversion in Eilauners):

  • Werom gieste wooi? Why are you going away?
  • Wertroch tinkste dat? What makes you think that?
  • Wermooi biste hier oonkomd? With what did you arrive here?
  • Weryn sit it? In what is it?
  • Werop sit it? (Up)on what is it?
  • Weroon sit hy? Oon de tafel. At what is he sitting? At the table.
  • Werfeur docht jò dat? For what (why) is she doing that?
  • Werby heert it? Where does it belong to?
  • Werhanne gieste? Whither art thou going? (Where are you going?)
  • Werfan komste? Where are you from?
  • Werút komt dy sak? Out of what comes that bag?
  • Hòfier is it? How far is it?
  • Hòfole kost it? How much does it cost?

Similarly to phrasal verbs, prepositions can be separated from complex interrogative adverbs:

  • Wer…troch?
  • Wer…mooi?
  • Wer…yn?
  • Wer…op?
  • Wer…oon?
  • Wer…feur?
  • Wer…by?
  • Wer…hanne?
  • Wer…fan(dinne)? (= Wer…wooi?)
  • Wer…út?

The only exception is werom, why, which cannot be turned into wer…om. If, however, werom means about what, it can be turned into wer…om. Example: Wer gie it om? What is it about?

Questions beginning with an interrogative adverb can be answered by a prepositional phrase or full sentence:

  • Wermooi dúechste dat? Mooi in homer. With what did you do that? With a hammer.
  • Wer gieste hanne? Ik gai nooi ús Lytje Pole tò. Where are you going? I am going to Lytje Pole (Schiermonnikoog). 



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