Personal Pronouns in Eilauners

Written by Dyami Millarson

The Eilauner personal pronouns have only two forms: the nominative and the accusative-dative. The accusative has merged with the dative in Eilauners.

The nominative forms are:

  • Ik, ‘k, I (first person singular)
  • , ‘ste, thou/you (second person singular informal)
  • Jy, je, you (second person singular formal)
  • Hy, he (masculine 3rd person singular)
  • , se, she (feminine 3rd person singular)
  • It, ‘t, it (neuter 3rd person singular).
  • Wy, we, we (1st person plural).
  • Jimme, you or you guys (2nd person plural).
  • , they (3rd person plural).

Jy, je is a very polite, respectful form. So it is a honorific in Eilauners.

The accusative-dative forms are:

  • My, (to/for) me.
  • Dy, (to/for) thee.
  • Him, ‘m, (to/for) him.
  • Har, (to/for) her.
  • It, it (only used as accusative).
  • Us (small letters: ús), (to/for) us.
  • Jimme (same as nominative), you.
  • Har (same as feminine 3rd pers. accusative), (to/for) them.

The accusative-dative forms are always used after prepositions and they may also be used in conjunction with certain adjectives or verbs:

  • Ik jeeuw dit geschink oon (preposition) dy. I give this present to you.
  • It is my fraimd (adjective). It is alien to me.
  • Ik jeeuw (verb) dy dit geschink. I give you this present.
  • Ik bin (verb) dy net. I am not you.

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