Holding On to People May Heal Them

Written by Dyami Millarson

It is in my character to hold on to people, believing we will know each other for life like we are the members of the same ancient tribe. I have often noticed that people appreciate my human relationship style and that people trust me based on my instinctive assumption of lifelong loyalty. People have told me that they feel comfortable, understood and safe with me, and I think that my acceptance of lifelong human relationships is a contributing factor, because people desire reliability.

I learned from East Asian culture that giving up relationships may generally be bad, and that holding on to people is generally speaking the most desirable. Not leaving people has several advantages such as that you may learn the truth about a person’s real motivations, you build up more mutual understanding and you may help heal a person or at least improve their character without then losing themselves but actually becoming more authentic to themselves.

Human relationships are ways to achieve human knowledge and wisdom; it fulfills our curiosity to know the truth and it fulfills our desire to understand and be understood – quintessential human psychological needs. Helping humans by means of relationships, and helping yourself by means of relationships, is the wisdom of East Asian culture that I am eager to adopt, because I have always known the importance of truth, mutual understanding and good character for society. We can save the world through our direct relationships, and we can save languages this way as well.


  1. I am curious to understand, what you mean by holding on to people? I mean to what extent? Do you mean as couple or any friendship? Sorry, this post caught my attention on lunch break so I’ve read it quickly!


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