Eilauners: Stem Changes in the Singular Present Tense

Written by Dyami Millarson

A select few verbs in Schiermonnikoogs, such as livje, hewwe, wazze, gain, stain and sikje, change their stem in the 2nd and 3rd person singular present tense.

The aformentioned verbs are thus in the 3rd person singular: Leve, het, is, gie, stie and sacht/saft. The form saft is rare.

Example sentences:

  • Hy leve nach. He is still alive.
  • Jò het al twa ben. She already has two kids.
  • It is slim mooi him. Things are really bad with him.
  • Hy stie der op ‘e dún. He is standing there on the dune.
  • Jò saft in nejen freeuwn. She is looking for a new (boy)friend.

In the 2nd person singular: Leveste, heste, biste, gieste, stieste and sachtste/saftste. The form saftste is rare.

Example sentences:

  • Wer leveste fan? What do you do for a living?
  • Dò heste in berch freeuwnen. You have many friends.
  • Dò biste in jaif minsk. You are a lovely woman.
  • Dò gieste neut nooi schúele. You are never attending school; you are always skipping class.
  • Sachtste dyn húskooi? Are you looking for your homekey?

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