Surpassed 2018 on Our 101-Day Streak in 2019

Written by Dyami Millarson and Ken Ho

After 101 days of hard work, we have already surpassed the statistics of 2018. This is a celebratory moment for us. Our blog is dedicated to the preservation of severely endangered languages. In most cases, our blog is the only known blog in the world that offers these languages.

Moreover, we strive to provide only original content. We make no translations of others’ works and therefore all posts are written completely by us. We rely on our creativity to keep languages alive, and that is why our blog seeks to foster creativity.

We want to write as much as possible in the languages, because still too few texts have been produced in them. By building up a larger corpus of texts, we may later use these texts to help others learn the same languages. Our blog is entirely based on charity. We are volunteers for a charitable cause. Please leave your thoughts below. We appreciate comments very much.


    • Thank you, everyone likes to see their own language or the languages they are intimately familiar with!
      We will continue producing articles on a daily basis, even though it has been hard to keep up lately due to personal reasons!
      – Dyami Millarson

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