All Swedish Adverbs from “A Brief Swedish Grammar”

Written by Dyami Millarson

These are all Swedish adverbs taken from the Swedish-English vocabulary section at the back of Edw. J. Vickner’s 1914 book A Brief Swedish Grammar:

  • Ävenledes, likewise.
  • Ännu, yet, still.
  • Ändå, yet, nevertheless.
  • Åtminstone, at least.
  • Åter, again, back.
  • Vart, whither. (Vart går du? Where are you going?)
  • Vanligen, usually.
  • Utantill, by heart.
  • Itu, in twain, apart, asunder.
  • Troligen, probably.
  • Tillbaka, back.
  • I tid, on time.
  • Sällan, seldom.
  • Sålunda, thus, consequently.
  • , so.
  • Synnerligen, especially.
  • Om en kurt stund, in a short while.
  • Strax, soon.
  • Snart, soon.
  • Slutligen, finally, at last.
  • Sen(are), late(r).
  • Sedan, then, thereupon, after.
  • Olycktligtvis, unfortunately.
  • Ofta, often.
  • Också, also.
  • Nära, near.
  • Nämligen, that is to say, namely.
  • Någonsin, ever.
  • Nyss, just now.
  • Nyligen, recently.
  • Nu för tiden, nowadays.
  • Nu, now.
  • Nej, no.
  • Möjligen, possibly.
  • I morse, this morning.
  • I morgon, in the morning.
  • Lika, (just) as. (Det är lika dyr, that is just as expensive.)
  • Knappast, hardly.
  • Kanhända, perhaps.
  • Just, just.
  • Ju, you know, to be sure.
  • Jo, yes.
  • Jaså, so, you don’t say! Is that so?
  • Ja, yes.
  • Inte (icke), not.
  • Inne, inside.
  • Illa, bad. (Det var illa, that was too bad.)
  • Igen, again, back.
  • Ibland, sometimes.
  • Här, here.
  • Händelsevis, by chance.
  • Hur, how?
  • Hellre, rather.
  • En gång, once.
  • Igenom, through. (As a prep. it has the form genom.)
  • Genast, immediately.
  • Förr, before.
  • Före, before, first, ahead.
  • För, too. (För mycket, too much.)
  • För…sedan, ago. (För många år sedan, many years ago.)
  • Framme, at destination, at hand.
  • Fram, forth, forward.
  • Fort, fast, quickly.
  • Ej, not.
  • Därpå, thereafter, thereupon
  • Där, there. (Jag står där, I stand there.)
  • Dit, thither. (Jag går dit, I go there.)
  • Bra, well, quite.
  • Bort, away.
  • Blott, only.
  • Bara, only.
  • Baklänges, backwards.
  • Alltid, always.
  • Alls, at all.

I might have missed a few, but that does not matter for our purposes.

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