Our New Plans Have Been Announced!

Written by Dyami Millarson

Today the national newspaper Trouw and local newspaper Leeuwarder Courant have published articles about the international recognition that the 3 small Frisian languages of the Netherlands have received. The linguistic point to grasp here is that Frisian as spoken in the Netherlands is – rather than being a single monolithic language – a diverse language family consisting of 1 large Frisian language and 3 small Frisian languages. This is major progress for the preservation of Frisian languages which are spoken in the Netherlands.


The national newspaper Trouw (featured in the image above) also mentioned our plans to help save Saterfrisian, Heligolandic and Elfdalian from extinction. It was our New Year’s resolution to study these languages.

Today is a sunny day. I want to get some sunlight now because I came down with the flu a couple of days ago and the weather outside makes me feel better. I will later write more and finish this post!

I still wanted to share something with you guys. Do you guys like antique cars? Here are some pictures of antique cars (we call them “oldtimers” in Dutch and “Oldtimers” in German) that I saw this morning:


  1. Great news!
    It is wonderful to preserve history and a language.
    The antique cars are beautifully preserved.
    I like classic cars, my fave is late 60’s Mustang.


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