A Concise List of Elfdalian or Övdalian Adverbs

Written by Dyami Millarson

This Elfdalian list is loosely based on a list of Swedish adverbs that I published earlier this year. Wherever possible, more Swedish-looking alternatives have been excluded from the current Elfdalian list.

Rieðu, already.

, now.

Snąrt, soon.

Enn, yet, still.

Endǫ, yet, nevertheless.

Mjästa, almost.

Milumað, sometimes.

Olltiett, always.

Iuop, i lag, together.

Enteli, kanenda, truly.

Int so kringgt, sällan, seldom.

Older, never.

Mitşið, very.

Ollumstas (ollsta’ss, ollestass), everywhere.

Dǫfel, at least.

Att, again, back.

Attǫter, back (of time).

Wenda, back (of movement).

Wert, whither.

Wanligest, usually.

Autyr, by heart.

Itau, in twain, apart, asunder.

Truoligen, probably.

Feðyö, thus, consequently.

So, so.

Dǫ mjog, especially, particularly.

Ien bietstşyöru, a short while.

Ien stşyöru, a while.

, then, thereupon, after, late.

Ųolykklit, unfortunately.

Kringgt, often.

(Boð…)og, also.

Nęr, near.

Nemligen (Swedish loan), that is to say, namely.

Nossn, ever.

Older i wärdn, absolutely never.

I å’ss, just now.

Ny’tt, recently.

Nųfetiðn, nowadays.

Naj, no.

My̢öligen, possibly.

I morgus, this morning.

I morgų, in the morning.

Laika, (just) as.

Knappast, hardly.

Just, just.

Wet ig (at end of sentence), ju, you know, to

be sure.

Juu, jua, ju, yes.

O, jasso, so, you don’t say! Is that so?

Ja, yes.

Inte (strong form), it (weak form), itşä (first

or last in clauses; cf. Swed. icke), not.

Inne, inside.

Inter, inside something.

Jenę, jär, here.

Endelsewis (Swedish loan), by chance.

Ur, how?

So dşienna, elder, rather.

Iessn, ien gaungg, once.

Nossn eller, kringger, ien eller gaungg, iessn eller, another time.

Gainum, through.

Mindyösummu, ra weg, straks, immediately.

Attǫter, attri, för, before.

Firiað, firi, fromonað, before, first, ahead.

Fer, too. (För mycket, too much.)

Fer…sę, ago.

Fremeli, at hand.

Fromoni, at destination.

Fram(ter, -ǫ, -að), forth, forward.

Danǫ, darǫ, thereafter, thereupon.

Danę, dar, there.

Dai’tter, dait, thither.

Branaug, noð, mjog, quite, enough, pretty much, relatively; rather, suitably, correctly.

Wel, well, quite.

Brott, away, far away (of distance). (Ken Ho’s comment: Metathesis from Swed. bort.)

Undǫ, dieðǫ, away, away from somewhere (of movement).

Dait, away, on one’s way (of travel).

Bara, only.

Avut, backwards.

Alls, at all.

Itşä dǫ inte, wisst inte, not at all.

, then, at that time.


    • It is fabulous that you may have such a personal family connection with Elfdalian. Indeed, it is often the case that nothing of such an ancestral minority language is passed on to the next generations. Our blog is here to help you reclaim your heritage!


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