Colours in Northern Goesharde Frisian

Written by Dyami Millarson

This list is based on Kleines friesisches Wörterbuch der Nordergoesharder Mundart, which is the sole Northern Goesharde Frisian book I own. The book does not include more modern colours such as purple, orange, beige, turquoise, pink. However, it does contain different hues such as pale and dark. The colour adjectives in my list are all Langenhorn Frisian forms. Ockholm Frisian forms have been included between brackets.

  • Wit, white.
  • Ruud, red.
  • Suurt, black.
  • Gräin (Ock. Fr. green), green.
  • Grä, gray.
  • Gööl, yellow.
  • Jonk (Ock. Fr. junk), dark.
  • Brün, brown.
  • Bliik, pallid, pale.
  • Ween, blue.

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