Saterfrisian or Saterland Frisian Colours

Written by Dyami Millarson

Some special superlative formations have been included here as well. All Frisian languages I have studied thus far, both in the Netherlands and Germany, apparently like to make comparisons with colourful objects in order to form a superlative. Perhaps this is not so surprising, because Dutch and German have this feature as well. This list is based on the contents of the online Saterfrisian dictionary.

Wiet, bloank, white. Superlative: kriedewiet, very white, as white as chalk.

Wietkoppig, wietkopped, blond(e), blonde-haired.

Swot-wiet ruutjed (cf. Dutch zwart-wit geruit), black-white chequered.

Rood, roodkläörig, red.

Roodstrieped, red-striped, red-white striped (chiefly said of clothing).

Roodsk, roodhaftig, reddish.

Roodhíerig, red-haired.

Swot, black.

Swotsk, swothaftig, blackish.

Gräin, green.

Gries, gray. Superlative: puddegries, very grey, as grey as a toad.

Jeel, yellow.

Jeelhaftig, jeelsk, yellowish (said of skin).

Jeelblau, yellow-blue (said of textiles)

Dunkel, dark.

Bruun, brown.

Bruunsk, brownish.

Roodbruun, red-brown.

Ljoachtebruun, light-brown.

Bleek, blekelk, foal (cf. Dutch vaal), pallid, pale.

Blau, blue.

Blausk, blue-ish.

Blaustrieped, blue-striped, white and blue (chiefly said of clothing).

Ljoacht, light, blond(e).

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