Time Units in Langenhorn Frisian

Written by Dyami Millarson

These vocabulary selections have been based on the available information in the Northern Goesharde Frisian dictionary from 1981. Only the Langenhorn Frisian forms have been included here, for we are studying Langenhorn Frisian this month.

The parts of the day are:

  • Di dai (pl. dä deege), the day.
  • ‘Zwielicht/Dämmerung’ (twilight) is not included in the NGFr. dictionary.
  • Di meern, the morning.
  • Di foormadi, the (late) morning.
  • Di madi, the midday/noon.
  • Di eewermadi, the afternoon.
  • Jü naacht, the night.
  • Jü madernaacht, (the) midnight.

Day-related time expressions are:

  • Däling, today.
  • Daik, arken dai, every day.
  • (Di) tomadi, this midday/noon.
  • Mårling, this (early) morning.
  • Foormadi, this (late) morning.
  • Eeling, this evening.
  • Auernaacht, tonight.
  • Jörsne, jörsen, yesterday.
  • Iirjörsne, iirjörsen, the day before yesterday.
  • Änteene, jörsen eene, yesterday evening.
  • Meerne, tomorrow.
  • Meerns, di meern, in the morning.
  • Meern(e) eeder, early tomorrow.
  • Meerne eeder, tomorrow evening.
  • Meerne tomadi, tomorrow afternoon.
  • Auermeerne, the day after tomorrow.

The days of the week are:

  • (Di) moundi, Monday.
  • (Di) täisdi, Tuesday.
  • (Di) winsdi, Wednesday.
  • (Di) tünersdi, Thursday.
  • (Di) fraidi, Friday.
  • (Di) saneene, Saturday. (Note: the NGFr. dictionary does not include Saturday as ‘Samstag’ but as ‘Sonnabend.’)
  • (Di) sandi, Sunday.

The months of the year are lacking in the dictionary. However, the month-related expressions are:

  • Di moune, the month.
  • Ale moune, arken moune, monthly.

Year-related expressions are:

  • Dat jäär (pl. dä järnge), the year.
  • Järling, this year.
  • Årsen/naist jäär, next year.
  • Fergingen/leest jäär, last year.
  • Arks jäär, every year.
  • -jääri (suffix used with ordinal numbers), … years old.
  • Järngelong, for years.
  • Dat jäärhonert, the century (literally year-hundred).
  • Jü järstid, the season (literally year-time).

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