The verbs ‘hoa’ and ‘wee(s)’ in Heligolandic

Written by Dyami Millarson

The infinitive of the verb ‘to be’ has two optional forms in Heligolandic: wee or wees.

The verb ‘to be’ is conjugated thus in Heligolandic:

Ik ben I am

Di bes you are

Hi/dji/deät es he/she/it is

Wi/djüm/dja senwe/you/they are

Observe I lumped all the plural forms together because the verb is conjugated the same for all persons in the plural. The Heligolandic verb varies most in the singular and therefore this is the most vital to focus whilst learning the language.

The infinitive of the verb ‘to have’ is hoa in Heligolandic.

‘To have’ is thus conjugated:

Ik hoa I have

Di hasyou have

Hi/dji/deät hathe/she/it has

Wi/djüm/dja hoa we/you/they have

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