Two Colloquial Constructions in Aasters

Written by Dyami Millarson

Aasters is a colloquial language (sprektaal). This is why it is rich in colloquialisms. Fluent Aasters is hard to learn because of all idioms, expressions and constructions. Adopting a different style of speaking would render it something that is definitely not Aasters. The richness of style is what defines the spoken language of East Terschelling. That is why I will here mention two colloquial constructions that are used in Aasters. These constructions may also be used in one of the other three Frisian languages that are critically endangered in the Kingdom of the Netherlands. So these colloquial expressions may be adopted in Aasters, Hielepes and Eilauners.

Repetition of dot

Dot Aasters, dat is so… as un….

Omission of as

….. (See lesson book)

Combination of so and as

Gin wêd so great as un koe.


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