2000 Followers: Increasing Recognition for Our Work

Written by Dyami Millarson


  1. Dear dyami. I followed you when you had more than 1500 fans. Although I have been following you for only a few months, you have written a lot of articles during this period. What impressed me most was the article about virtual travel. In this article, you mentioned new ways to travel and are committed to using them to promote your language programs. What I appreciate is the article you wrote a long time ago about the nature of language. Thanks to your article, this also let me have a deeper understanding of the nature of language. The article I admire most is that you wrote about your father and you a week ago. In this article, you mentioned operation X and also mentioned the philosophical issues that your father had been obsessed with. I’m glad you can use your project to inherit your father’s operation X. The most profound article is about your father’s philosophy over there – oer? I don’t remember very well. I seem to see the literal meaning, but I wonder what you said. In addition to that, you share things in your life, from watching TV to health knowledge, and traveling. There’s something I can’t do about the language you’re learning. All your efforts, we can see from your article. Thank you for your efforts in this charity project. I’m proud of you. I’m glad you like it. You’ve got more and more followers. I hope you can work harder and take good care of your health. I wish you more and more followers. ✊✊✊

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  2. This is inspiring. I appreciate how much recognition you give to your followers it is extremely important!
    The work that you all are doing is incredibly noble; indeed equally detrimental to the continuation of education as we know it (in my opinion).
    Thank you all!


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