Review of Deliveroo: UK Food Delivery App

Written by Dyami Millarson

When staying in the UK, one might make use of food deliveries. I stumbled by chance upon the UK-based Deliveroo app. It reminded me of the app-based food delivery technology that I saw in China in 2017. I have always deemed such technology worth developing. When one is in the UK, especially in the urban areas, it is convenient to make use of Deliveroo. When choosing what to eat, I do not blindly rely on the in-app reviews of Deliveroo, but I check them with the restaurant reviews on the Tripadvisor website.

In fact, I have a habit of first checking restaurants on Tripadvisor and then seeing whether they also make use of Deliveroo. This might be a tedious process, but I manage to get the highest quality for my money in this way. I care deeply about a good price/quality ratio with food, because I grew up with a rich culinary tradition, which means practically that I am used to good ingredients, good flavours and good techniques. I find that food is one of my most important daily experiences, and so I place high value on technology that helps me find what I am looking for.

I would be hard-pressed to find what I want if it were not for internet-based technology that gives me an accurate impression of people’s experiences at restaurants (crowd-sourcing), and Deliveroo makes the delivery process much more convenient when I am done with picking the restaurant that is right for me. Deliveroo definitely satisfies my desire to find high-quality food in the UK.

Deliveroo can be easily adapted to your needs if you know how to exploit the search function of the app. I recommend trying different filters during search actions to see what shows up and then judge whether that suits you. I have configured the search filters many times until it was optimised to match my needs, I think this is crucial.

One of the key features of Deliveroo I like is that you can see your delivery history and this makes it easy to find back the restaurants where you ordered earlier or to repeat the same orders. I am not a person who likes making the same orders, I want to try something different every single time, so I would not make use of my order history for repeating the same orders but I definitely find it useful knowing where I made my previous orders.


  1. Checking restaurant’s comments on Tripadvisor is a good choice. Comments written on the restaurant may be fake. The owner of restaurants can buy that fake food comments or upgrade their ranks on website directly. So you made a wise choice about that! 🤗 Deliveroo sounds very convenient. By using filter,one is easier to meet their needs for food.

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    • Tripadvisor helps me to double-check. For instance, last week I was about to order at a restaurant purely based on Deliveroo reviews, but when I read the Tripadvisor reviews, I decided against it, I’m glad I did because I later found another similar restaurant that was much more to my liking.


    • One app that comes to mind is DoorDash. It is worth checking whether DoorDash offers special deals for beginners at the moment. You may also opt for Uber Eats because their delivery fee might be cheaper.

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  2. Find out people’s history of where they’ve been on Trip Advisor as to what their taste and costs are. As for Deliveroo tried it never again warm mushy food arrives, I’ll have a cheese sarny at home


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