2021 New Year Resolutions

Written by Dyami Millarson

It is our annual blogging tradition here to write up our charitable aims for the coming year. We did not manage to reach all of our aims in 2020, so we will make those 2020 aims our 2021 aims. We will never give up on our promises no matter how long it takes to attain our original objectives. We believe that keeping our promises is our duty to everyone who supports our work. All of the promises made in this article will therefore be pursued zealously. We generally wish that our aims will be achieved within one year, but if not for some reason, we still have enough time to realise our dreams. The work of Operation X is a lifelong mission. We will always strive to achieve as much as possible every single year, yet we believe in the truth of this Latin saying: festīnā lentē (haste slowly). There is an equivalent saying in Shire Frisian: in stadige rinner komt der ek (a steady runner also reaches the endpoint). After all, since we are dedicated to studying the Frisian language family, it is only appropriate that we have adopted this Frisian folk wisdom. We represent Frisian cultural heritage through our hard work, and we do certainly feel compelled to adopt the Frisian traditional work ethic in all of our linguistic, cultural and philosophical endeavours.

These are our New Year resolutions for 2021:

  • We will welcome bloggers to collaborate with us and publish their articles on our platform. This way we can exchange ideas and help each other grow.
  • We will study North Frisian languages and write articles in North Frisian languages. We hope to be able to speak and write all North Frisian languages as soon as possible.
  • We will produce a series of articles in Sagelterland Frisian about the places where we live and we may compare that with what we know about Sagelterland where the language is originally spoken.
  • We will publish articles written in Elfdalian and Swedish.
  • I will work simultaneously on a booklet containing the life stories of the speakers of Schiermonnikoog Frisian and a booklet containing the life stories of the speakers of Hindeloopen Frisian. I have been collecting biographic information for this already since 2018.
  • I will resume my Ancient Greek studies that I was engaged in around the year 2010. Those studies were focused on the revival of Ancient Greek and the exploration of how it could be studied like a living modern language. I will write some articles about or in Ancient Greek.
    • I was already able to use Latin actively in 2008-2009, so I presume that I was able to do so as well in 2009 with Ancient Greek, though I do not recall this exactly anymore. I remember that I was teaching Ancient Greek to my father.
  • We will consider publishing articles in revived languages such as Latin and Gothic.
  • I will work on becoming a lifestyle blogger. I want to write about Frisian lifestyle as a way to showcase Frisian culture to the wider world, which is unfamiliar with this.
  • I will try becoming a health blogger. I want to study medicine and share what I have learned by publishing my summaries on this blog.
  • I want to write more about historical figures with Frisian heritage such as Dodoens.
  • I want to write about Frisian geography and history.
  • We will publish reviews of Frisian literature.
  • I will publish reviews of Asian dramas and films.
  • I will talk more about cuisine. I want to become a food blogger and write culinary articles. I am often trying new recipes and we have a strong culinary tradition at home, so there is a lot to share about our home cooking. When I eat out or when I order food from restaurants, I will definitely also review the food of those restaurants. I have high expectations about food, so I find it interesting to try the food of restaurants that others praise and I hope to learn from the experience so I can improve my own cooking. For instance, I may write about the restaurants I have tried in London and I may also write about the restaurants I have tried in Leeuwarden.
  • I will work on building my new site vikingreligion.com. It is currently just a pilot project.
  • I will write about minimalism. I hope to answer questions such as how to have a healthy diet while not spending too much on food and saving money by not wasting any food.
  • I write write reviews of Lego sets and computer games chiefly in minority languages.
  • I will prepare for the CPE exam. Although I am a native speaker, it is a good way to brush up on my English and reach a higher level of perfection, which will be useful for blogging, podcasting and youtubing. I have already collected relevant information for the exam.
  • I will work on my photography skills like last year. This is a continuing project. I want to publish only original photos on my blog and so I hope to make my photos look professional.
    • The main theme of my photography work is life in Frisia, as I am trying to capture what it is like to live in Frisia. I want to capture the desolateness that characterises Frisia even in urban areas, the peaceful and eternal calmness of Frisia that relaxes the mind and the spiritual mystery of Frisia which evades human understanding and description.
  • I will share information about gardening and foraging. Growing my own food at hone or getting it from nature is my ideal. Frisians traditionally produce their own food because they are farmers since time immemorial.
    • I want to focus on learning more about gardening in an urban environment with limited space. In this context, I will explore the profitability of microgreens as well. I have my own balcony garden since 2019 and I hope to be able to share a wide variety of urban gardening tips as I grow more experienced.
  • I will work on setting up practical things for our foundation. For instance, we need to get business cards and we need bank accounts (including PayPal) for receiving donations.
  • I will work on developing the page of our blog and see whether we can make any improvements. We may buy a url this year if our blog continues to grow exponentially. We have almost reached 3000 followers at this point.
  • I will explore the possibilities of expanding our YouTube channel. I am generally not able to make videos with myself in it, but I can record my voice and do presentations that way.
    • Before making YouTube videos again, I may also choose to start with podcasts and see how that goes. After all, I think it is easier to make podcasts than editing YouTube videos while the latter may be much more time consuming if I have to add visuals.
  • I will share practical information about living in and moving to the United Kingdom.
  • I will share more about the origins of Operation X. Our mission has a long family history and deserves to be explored in the context of my father’s and grandfather’s work. I was influenced by my father’s philosophy and while I intuitively and subconsciously agreed with his philosophy and felt attracted to the appeal of a better future for humanity, I subconsciously and spontaneously focused on the application of his philosophy and became interested in studying languages, cultures and religions and my personal studies attracted other individuals who were diligent students interested in studying languages of all kinds. The unique individuals I have met through my studies are my best friends and I have had the most enduring and enlivening friendships with them that I have ever had with other human beings.
    • I will share more in the coming year about the artistic work as well as the philosophy of my father. I will also talk about my father’s father who is my grandfather. I will definitely talk about my grandfather’s vision this year and how we honour his industrious spirit with our work. Operation X is the spiritual continuation of my grandfather’s original vision for a better world, and while grandfather’s pragmatic work-based vision has played a significant role in the development of my father’s philosophy, Operation X is dedicated to grandfather’s honour. Grandfather, who was a visionary, has unfortunately passed away before he could witness my father’s development of his philosophy for Operation X, and therefore keeping his spirit alive is only the right thing to do for us to mourn his loss that has been felt for decades while he was a man with incredible visionary charisma.


  1. 🙄 Happy New Year (late). Hopefully you’ll be more focused on achieving your goals in 2021. I also hope you can have more and more followers. 😬 please feel free to share your progress in completing the task. 🤡🤡🤡 good luck to you

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Best wishes for success in your endeavors this year! I am anxious to see where 2021 leads you and those of us who are following you. And thank you for supporting other bloggers. It is much appreciated. SG

    Liked by 1 person

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