Hwa ist snáiws?

Mēlidata fram Dyami Millarson

Hwan snáiws in katila ufar funin sudum, watō waírþiþ jah þata drigkáiwa.

Snáiws ist hweits hnasquzuh, jah jabái swēþáuh waíhts hweitasta ist, þō snáiwahweita háitam.

Snáiws fram himinam driusiþ in wintráu jah snáiws, þanei in lōfam unsaráim haldam, kalds ist.

Þandē snáiws hnasqusts ist, miþ figgram in þamma mēljáiwa. Snáiw miþ handum digáiwa jah swaswē mannan aíþþáu ballu táujáiwa.

Swaleikanáuh ballu miþ taíhswái ana bagm aíþþáu mannan waírpáiwa.


    • The language is Gothic. It is an ancient language that was spoken more than a millennium ago. All Germanic languages belong to three branches: North Germanic, West Germanic and East Germanic. Gothic belongs to the Eastern branch. Its modern descendant Crimean Gothic – though not as well-documented as the ancient Gothic language – was spoken until more recently, but it went extinct and the entire Eastern branch disappeared with it. This is the tragedy of language death. I am reviving Gothic, and thus I am bringing back the Eastern Germanic language family. I studied Gothic about ten years ago when I also studied Ancient Greek. We are one of the only blogs that publish articles in Gothic. There is another blog which publishes news articles in Gothic. They are also using WordPress, but they have fewer followers than we do: https://airushimmadaga.wordpress.com/ There is yet another blog on WordPress which aims to translate Germanic folk religious concepts and the Edda (the source book of Germanic folk religion much like the Tao Te Ching is the source book of Taoism) to Gothic: https://eddaingothic.wordpress.com/ They do not have many followers and likes either. I found this small Gothic blog on WordPress as well: https://throthjandsrazdos.wordpress.com/ It is the aim of our blog to popularise the revival of Gothic as we wish to bring the revival of Gothic to a wider audience.


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