Written by Dyami Millarson

This article touches on the following important points:

  • We received all of your generous donations for upgrading the blog
  • We finally acquired the domain
  • We are welcoming our 6000th WordPress follower today

After many years of blogging, we have finally acquired the domain today and we would like to use this special occasion to celebrate the fact we will have 6,000 WordPress followers as of today.

We have carefully considered many URLs, we settled on as this is easy to remember and it underscores the urgency of our charitable work for the study of humanity’s linguistic, cultural and philosophical heritage.

We are very thankful to all the readers who gave donations to our charitable organisation for this purpose. Our charity survives with your help. That is why we appreciate every single financial contribution, no matter how small.

We have made our own personal sacrifices as well as financial sacrifices for Operation X. We truly believe in this charitable cause and that is why we put so much effort into it. All of you play an important role, you can help keep this project viable.

We also wish to raise your attention to the fact that one reader of ours, who wishes to stay anonymous, reached out to me in private and donated a very generous amount for upgrading our blog. We are deeply touched.

The anonymous reader has said the following:

You guys are making a real change. Operation X is a unique, brilliant and revolutionary project for saving minority languages. With your very direct and practical approach, it’s so unlike the other language projects I’ve seen. I always learned a lot from Operation X about language learning and language philosophy. I hope others will also give you donations like this, it won’t be enough if I’m the only one.

We will keep working for Foundation Operation X and making contributions to the organisation in whatever way we can. Everyone who is closely associated with Operation X is contributing in their own way as volunteers. For instance, we all needed to make our own financial contributions for buying some minority language books. We are happy to invest in our minority language studies because we believe these languages and their communities are relevant.

You can donate to us via PayPal if you wish to see Operation X continue:

Using this address, you can also donate DOGE to us if you wish to stay anonymous:



  1. I just screwed up (how did they say that in ancient Aasters?) I requested instead of sent. So I am sending double the amount to cover the request if you have to reimburse me. Sorry. I had never been confronted with PayPal in such a manner.

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    • Thank you so much for your wonderful contribution to Operation X! 😀

      You might express that in different ways in Aasters (the vernacular of the Eastern villages of Terschelling with around 100 speakers in total). A few ways I can think of are as follows:

      Et wae un fegissing! It was a misunderstanding on my part! (Translation note: Fegissing, which I rendered as “misunderstanding,” is a polite-sounding way for expressing “mistake”.)

      Dot wae helendol (or: heendol) net wot ik dwaan woeë. That was completely not what I intended to do.

      Dot is ik wot, ik woeë di jild jaan in don frei ik di om jild. That is also something, I wanted to give you money and then I ask you for money.

      There are more ways to express the same idea, but I guess this suffices to get an impression of how to say it!

      I hope you like being able to express yourself in Aasters 🙂

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    • Happy to receive your kind wishes! I will certainly keep doing my best together with my friends so the issue of language death gains the attention it deserves. We can’t avoid this issue if we wish to make a positive change.

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    • We are very thrilled that you are still with us on this exciting journey, there will certainly be more milestones in the future and we are looking forward to sharing the joy of these new developments with you! 😀

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