Cody Smith’s E-Mail to the Municipality of Wangerooge

Written by Cody Smith

Dyami Millarson sent an e-mail to the municipality of Wangerooge a few months ago and recently wrote an article explaining that anybody who supports the revival of Wangerooge Frisian may make a contribution by sending a personal e-mail to the municipality of Wangerooge. If you want to make a valuable contribution as a reader of this blog, I highly recommend you read Dyami Millarson’s recent article about it. Since Giovanni Pinto published his e-mail on the blog, I would also like to share my e-mail to the municipality of Wangerooge with you:

Dear Municipality of Wangerooge,

My name is Cody Smith and I am a university student studying foreign languages at Western Kentucky University in the United States. It has recently come to my attention that my colleague in the field of language study, Dyami Millarson, has revived the language of Wangerooge Frisian from its death in the previous century via his efforts as president of Operation X which serves to promote the learning of endangered and extinct languages as well as their cultural traditions. His efforts consist not only of studying and using this extinct language, but Millarson’s colleague is currently working on the compilation of a lexicon in the language.
I wanted to bring this work to your awareness because of its utmost importance for the linguistic and cultural heritage of Wangerooge. By using technological resources, the Operation X foundation has been able to help other people find importance in this language and its culture. I hope that I was able in this email to persuade the island to recognize the revival of this language and its importance for the tourism and economy of the island.
Cody M. Smith

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