Learn Gothic: Describing and Forecasting the Weather

Written by Dyami Millarson

One may describe and forecast the weather using the expressions below. I based the word order of these expressions on Luke 19:5 of the Gothic Bible (Codex Argenteus), which follows a similar word order as the modern Nordic languages, the modern Frisian languages, the modern Dutch languages, the modern Low Saxon languages, and the modern High German languages. Vocabulary is included in these expressions from yesterday’s weather and sky vocabulary article and the recent article on temporal adverbs.

ᚷᛁᛊᛏᚱᚨᛞᚨᚷᛁᛊ ᚱᛁᚷᚾᛁᛞᚨ. 
Gistradagis rignida. 
It rained yesterday.
ᚺᛁᛗᚨ ᛞᚨᚷᚨ ᚦᚢᚾᚱᛁᛞᚨ. 
Hima daga þunrida.
It thundered today.
ᚺᛁᛗᚨ ᛞᚨᚷᚨ ᛊᚲᚨᛚ ᚱᛁᚷᚾᛃᚨᚾ. 
Hima daga skal rignjan. 
It will rain today. 
ᚺᛁᛗᚨ ᛞᚨᚷᚨ ᛊᚲᚨᛚ ᛊᚾᚨᛁᚹᛊ ᚹᛁᛊᚨᚾ.
Hima daga skal snaiws wisan. 
Today there will be snow.
ᚺᛁᛗᚨ ᛞᚨᚷᚨ ᛊᚲᚨᛚ ᚺᚨᚷᛚᛊ ᚹᛁᛊᚨᚾ.
Hima daga skal hagls wisan. 
Today there will be hail.
ᚺᛁᛗᚨ ᛞᚨᚷᚨ ᛊᚲᚨᛚ ᚦᚨᚢᛃᚨᚾ.
Hima daga skal þaujan. 
Today it will thaw.
ᚷᛁᛊᛏᚱᚨᛞᚨᚷᛁᛊ ᛊᚲᚨᛚ ᚠᚱᛁᚢᛊᚨᚾ.
Gistradagis skal friusan. 
Tomorrow it will freeze.
ᚺᛁᛗᚨ ᛞᚨᚷᚨ ᛊᚲᚨᛚ ᛒᛁᚹᚢᛚᚲᚨᚾᛁᚦᚨᛏᚨ ᚹᛁᛊᚨᚾ.
Hima daga skal biwulkaniþata wisan. 
Today it will be cloudy.

[More sentences and info will be added later. So please come back again later for more.]

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