Language Abbreviations of Karl Freiherr von Richthofen’s ‘Altfriesisches Wörterbuch’

Written by Dyami Millarson

Karl Otto Johannes Theresius Freiherr von Richthofen wrote what is still considered the most comprehensive dictionary of Old Frisian.

We will first take a look at von Richthofen’s Frisian language abbreviations:

  • R. = Old Frisian type R = Riustringen Frisian
  • B. = Old Frisian type B = Bro(e)kmerland Frisian
  • E. = Old Frisian type E = Emsigo/Emsigerland Frisian
  • F. = Old Frisian type F = Fivelgo Frisian
  • H. = Old Frisian type H = Hunsingo Frisian
  • S. = Old Frisian type S
  • W. = Old Frisian type W
  • Hettema or Het. = Sagelterland Frisian
  • Epkema or Epk. = Middle Shire Frisian
  • neufries. or neufr. = any of the Modern Frisian languages (not necessarily Modern Shire Frisian yet very often Modern Shire Frisian)
  • nordfries. or nordfr. = North Frisian
  • Outzen or Out. = North Frisian (usually Breklum Frisian)
  • saterl. = Sagelterland Frisian

These are von Richthofen’s non-Frisian language abbreviations:

  • ags. = Anglo-Saxon or Old English
  • alts. = Old Saxon
  • isl. = Icelandic
  • mnd. = Middle Low German
  • mnl. = Middle Dutch

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