What Articles Would You Be Interested In?

Written by Dyami Millarson

Please let me know in the comments below which of these you would be interested in:

  1. What Is Molese? Where Is It Spoken? Why Learn It?
  2. What Is Wieringian? Where Is It Spoken? Why Learn It?
  3. What Is Texelian? Where Is It Spoken? Why Learn It?
  4. How to Improve Eyesight?
  5. Gothic Syntax: What Word Orders Are Acceptable?
  6. My Phonetic Studies From 2008: A Personal History of Learning Human Sounds
  7. What Is Jersey Dutch?
  8. Who Was Max Müller?
  9. Who Was Henry Sweet?
  10. The Vowel System in Younger Futhark
  11. How to Write Old Norse in Runes?
  12. Achieving Anything With Your Own Efforts: How to Become a Linguist Through Self-Studies?
  13. How Does the Old Norse Umlaut Work? What Types of Umlaut Are There?
  14. Language Spirit: Analysing Languages as Living Souls
  15. Mythical Interpretation of Frisia as the Eternal Kingdom of Radbod
  16. The Most Famous Harlingerland Frisian Text
  17. Why Is Dialect Such a Bad Word?
  18. Living Off Local Products Exclusively: Local Vegetables, Fruits, Eggs and Meat
  19. How Changing My Diet Solved My Joint Pains


  1. I lean towards 9 & 10. I’ve read Sweet’s primer, but don’t know much about him. I am illiterate to Younger Runes. And 14 for vanity, because I suspect it would help me flesh out concepts I’m already entertaining. They all, however, sound good.

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  2. I would be interested in all, but especially 8 Max Müller (as I have a copy of his ‘Lectures on the Science of Language’) and 9 Henry Sweet (as I have a copy of his ‘Anglo-Saxon Primer’)


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