Developing All Languages Under Our Care Equally

Written by Dyami Millarson

Ausbau is linguistic expansion or development. An ausbau language is a language that is perceived as a language thanks to having undergone a process of development (i.e. standardisation). Simply put, an ausbau language is a standard language, and a standard language is usually an official language.

The languages under the care of Operation X are all being developed or expanded equally. We are producing texts, glossaries, etc. We believe that every language equally deserves to be developed. So we use every language for various purposes: every language can be a literary language, a language of science, a language of philosophy, etc. In short, every language has potential.

No language will be left behind by us; we will never neglect any of the languages adopted by us. When you have many children, you know all their names and love them equally. It is like that with our languages. They are our family. So we give them the care and attention they deserve. Blogging is a method we use for promoting these languages, and making people aware that they can be used for literary expression.