My Yellow Lucky Bird Passed Away Today

Written by Dyami Millarson

I lost an old friend today. The yellow bird has accompanied me since the beginning of the previous decade (2011). This is the pet friend that I have had for the longest time in my life.

My yellow lucky bird breathed her final breaths today around half past three in the afternoon. She was lying comfortably on a piece of cloth.

I want to thank Hangaku Gozen for her suggestion of “placing an old folded towel at the bottom of the cage to cushion her falls, playing her favorite music, talking to her in a soft voice and telling her how much you love her.” I did all of these things in her final days and until her final moments, she enjoyed having her favourite foods: small pieces of egg and tropical fruit. I want to thank everybody else as well for their wonderful comments under the tribute I wrote for my lucky bird last month.

My father made many colourful drawings of the yellow bird depicting her life cycle. I wrote a text to thank her for our history and printed this text on a valuable type of paper that we only use for special occasions. He glued one of his drawings to a coffin he had made of cardboard for the bird. We wrapped her body in the paper of the text dedicated to her and then we gently placed her in her coffin.

Winged coffin: the bird’s coffin even had wings.

Before burying the bird today, we physically went back with her in her coffin to the place where I once found her. She never went back to that place during her lifetime, and so this was only the second time she had been there. This ceremonial action of going back to the place where I first met the yellow lucky bird felt right; it was a proper way of saying goodbye.

After the ceremonial return to our first meeting, I made a bouquet of yellow, purple and white flowers for the bird. I was very satisfied with the fact that we could make a mostly yellow bouquet matching well with the drawings of the bird. Yellow was today’s thematic colour.

This was one of my final gifts for the bird.

After making a bouquet, it was time to go to the burial spot. We dug a hole, filled the coffin with flowers, and laid flowers at all sides.

She is surrounded with flowers in her coffin.
Goodbye, dear yellow bird.

We said our final goodbyes to the bird. We expressed our gratitude. We then closed the hole, covered it with beautifully coloured leaves and sprinkled her favourite seeds about her grave.

Below is the translation of the funerary text which was printed on the piece of paper that was wrapped around the bird.

Yellow-coloured lucky bird:

Thank you for being with us.
Once upon a time I found you.
I saw something yellow at the time.
That's how it had to be.
Fate brought us together.
In difficult times you accompanied us.
A lot has happened these years.
You were with us all this time.
You were able to live longer
Since I took you home.
You turned out to be bright and cheerful.
You were a distraction from sadness.
You have brought joy and happiness into our home.
You were the third soul in our homestead.
You were part of our family.
You were there before and after my intestine surgery.
I am grateful that we were together for a long time.
We will miss your presence.
Rest in peace, sweet lucky bird.
Saying goodbye to life is hard.
We have prepared gifts for you.
You will receive a drawing from us.
You will also receive flowers from us.
Some more seed for when you're hungry.
While merging with nature,
You are becoming a nature spirit now.
Always watch over us, dear soul.
Let's see each other again.
We lay you down in one place,
Where we can visit you sometimes.
Goodbye and we'll be back soon.
Rest in peace, joyful soul.


  1. This is so sad, and also so beautiful. I send magical yellow flowers through the ether to you and your lovely yellow bird.

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  2. The loss of an animal family member is every bit as heartbreaking as losing a beloved human. I am very sorry for your loss, but also glad my suggestions helped you and your lovely bird through her last days. I’ve long thought hospice care for animals is important, especially since there is so little we can do for them medically when their health starts to fail. Yellow Bird passed, knowing she was loved and cared for, and she has you to thank for that. I hope you can take comfort in your kind actions, and knowing she is free from pain now.

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  3. We love our pets, they are family members and when they leave, they take a bit from us with them. But, just with every other loss, we learn to live with their memory. We lost our 17-year old dog this year in January and now, in October, I am training our new puppy -who came into our lives without any warning. He needed a home and we needed him -but didn’t know it.

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  4. I’m so sorry. When one of my dogs Shelby died, it crushed my soul. It was another reason to hate 2020. I am sorry for your loss. I will pray to Oshun and Inle today for your little bird.
    – M


  5. My empathy to you at this time. I have been a fur baby momma for many years and now that I organic garden the same sentiment has carried into my concern for my plants and the nature which resides around my home.

    Your family prepared a wonderfully heartfelt and touching send off for your dear friend who was also very lucky to have all of you as life companions and family over the years.

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  6. So sad to read about your yellow bird’s story and touching poem🐦 also 🌷🙏✍️
    This is first time reading such an affectionate bird’s farewell, well written by you dear!!
    ‘Rest in peace ‘ tribute to the Bird 🌷🙏🌷


  7. This one did me in.
    May you find peace in your now quieter home.
    Yellow Lucky bird, may you be surrounded by love wherever you are. You are a blessing.
    Heartfelt hopes to you all, and to those who loved this feathered angel.


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