2022 Achievements

Written by Dyami Millarson

What have I achieved this year?

  • I figured out how to prepare cake without flour. I experimented with various recipes.
  • I wrote a series of articles in Schiermonnikoog Frisian for the local newspaper of Schiermonnikoog called De Dorpsbode.
  • I solved the interpretation of draaigen and draigen, which Halbertsma and T. van der Kooy misunderstood. This problem seemed unsolvable to T. van der Kooy, but a simple solution was required.
  • I collected more books for my language studies. 📚
    • I found a rare Central Goesharde Frisian book I was looking for.
  • I published the first English-language dictionary of Hindeloopen Frisian.
  • I wrote a series on Old Norse.
  • I wrote an introduction to Gutnish.
  • I significantly expanded our cloud-based Frisian library after buying more Google Drive storage.
  • I submitted a Schiermonnikoog Frisian prose text to a literature competition called Literatuurprijs Schiermonnikoog.
    • I won an honourable mention. My text has been included in the work Natuur leeft, which was first released on 1 October 2022.
  • I published my classification of the North Frisian languages.
  • I wrote an introduction to Gröde Frisian.
  • I celebrated the 10th anniversary of my Gothic language challenge this year by writing articles on Gothic.
  • I studied the history of MMORPGs.
  • I visited Hindeloopen for a lecture. I spoke with speakers of Hindeloopen Frisian.
  • When I visited Schiermonnikoog for the literature competition, I stayed for a few days and interviewed different speakers of Schiermonnikoog Frisian on 2 and 3 October.
    • I received a book gift from Schiermonnikoog Frisian speaker Greet de Pater-Hooghart: Ús Ankergreeuwn.
    • I received a book gift from Schiermonnikoog Frisian speaker Henriëtte Pieperiet: Ús Eilaun Besangen.
  • I created a LinkedIn page on 6 October.
  • I will remember 2022 as the year when my yellow-coloured lucky bird passed away. I dedicated two articles to my bird this year.
  • From the University of Birmingham, I received a digital copy of a bachelor thesis on Fahretoft Frisian.
  • I digitised several old books related to Frisian languages for my current studies (mostly classification and dictionary-editing).
  • After spending a considerable amount of time studying how to take proper care of quail, I got quail as pets. It had been my dream for years to keep some small ground birds. I also loved the idea of having a pet that regularly lays beautiful eggs.
  • I attended an event in Tresoar (library) about their special collection of Old Frisian law books.
  • Since reactivating my old Runescape account again around May this year after not having played for more than a decade, I pretty much completed the free-to-play content of Old School Runescape this year. It felt nostalgic as different Runescape locations made me recall memories from long ago. I played Runescape whenever I had nothing else to do or whenever I was not in the mood to work on my Frisian dictionaries. I spoke Schiermonnikoog Frisian on Old School Runescape.
  • I have started reorganising my library at home. 📚 I have been working on making it more efficient and in the process, I rediscovered some interesting works I have in my possession apparently. Reorganising my library is part of my desire to make a fresh new start in the New Year.
  • I wrote a farewell text in Wangerooge Frisian for Han Grüschke, a warm family friend and enthusiastic supporter of my work, who passed away on Christmas.
  • I finished watching the K-drama Reborn Rich (재벌집 막내아들).
  • Most of this year was defined by my work regarding the classification of North Frisian languages and East Frisian languages as well as the editing of separate dictionaries for these languages.
    • With dictionary-editing, most of my time was was dedicated to Southern Continental North Frisian languages this year.
    • As a celebration of a year dedicated to classification and dictionary-editing, I have made one of my dictionaries, namely my Bargum Frisian dictionary, publication-ready. I will publish it on New Year’s Day, thus celebrating a fresh new start. 🎉


    • Thank you. I would have liked to make more dictionaries publication-ready this year, but I ended up spending a great deal of time on linguistic classification and I was also quite distracted by a whole host of other things in my daily life. 😅

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