Two Drafts for a New Mission Statement: Feedback Needed

Written by Dyami Millarson

I have been working on a new mission statement for our blog and I would really appreciate your feedback. I have two drafts that I would like to share with you, and I am open to any suggestions you may have. Our mission is important to us, and we want to make sure it accurately reflects our goals and values. Thank you for your time, and I look forward to hearing your thoughts.


We are committed to the study, documentation, and promotion of minority languages. Our foundation has a strong focus on reversing the decline of endangered languages through revitalization and de-extinction efforts. Our specialty lies in the study, documentation, and promotion of all modern and non-modern Frisian languages, with a goal to actively use and preserve the modern Frisian languages as well as the aim to revive the use of non-modern Frisian languages, and our diary-styled and daily life blogs provide language learners with an enjoyable and relaxed way to practice and improve their skills. Our cooking and movie reviews offer a deeper understanding of the cultures associated with these languages. Furthermore, our dictionary projects and language reconstruction efforts contribute to the documentation and preservation of endangered languages. Our photography showcases the beauty of minority areas and Frisian environments that are linked to different Frisian languages and cultures. Our mission is guided by our philosophy of improving the world through good deeds without any expectation of receiving anything in return.

Our foundation is driven by a philosophical, scientific, and artistic mission to study endangered languages, motivated by the belief that preserving linguistic diversity is crucial for the well-being of humanity. We aim to improve the world through charitable efforts without expecting anything in return. Our language studies focus on the acquisition, documentation, classification, recognition, and promotion of minority languages, with an emphasis on language revitalisation and revival. We also contribute to language reconstruction by filling in the gaps in poorly documented languages. Our Anglo-Frisian studies explore the connections between English and Frisian languages. Through various projects such as dictionary compilation, diary-style and daily life blogs, cooking with languages, and movie reviews, we aim to make language-learning engaging and accessible to all.


  1. I hope you accept my comments in the constructive spirit in which they are offered in response to your invitation for feedback.
    Your mission statement will depend on what your real aim(s) is/are – and only you can decide that
    In draft 1 you state “the study, documentation, and promotion of minority languages”.yet you focus on Frisian languages. Nothing wrong with that. They are an example of minority languages but if you are not including any other minority languages, then your 1st statement is off-topic. In my view. Better to state upfront “we are focusing on Frisian languages only”
    In lines 1-10, draft 2 you express excellent thoughts about minority languages. Worldwide I presume as these are general concepts, I think you need to narrow the field down – to European minority languages. Or American. Or Asian. Whatever you decide.
    But if, for example, you opt for European minority languages, you should start making preparations to invite individuals and organisations that are involved in their revival to make regular contributions.
    Like I said, I think you need to put in a little more thought to clarify your aim(s) and your mission statement.

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    • Thank you for your feedback. Which statements of Draft 1 do you think are more applicable and concentrated in terms to the motive we are on?


      • I find that language should never be vanished and must be revoked at any cost. Because ancient wisdom can be discovered from the language alone and draft 1 talks more about its importance and the steps you are taking to do proves this point. Hence I opted for draft -1.


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