First Hattstedt Frisian Dictionary in the English Language

Written by Dyami Millarson

Today is a special day; for I am now publishing the first-ever dictionary of the Hattstedt Frisian language in the English language, which you can freely access over here. At the beginning of this month, I already briefly mentioned this dictionary and its upcoming publication in my related article on preserving the lost Frisian language of Hattstedt.

Hattstedt Frisian, natively known as Hâtstinge Frêsh, is a Southern Goesharde Frisian language spoken in the village of Hattstedt, located in Northwestern Germany. For speakers of English and Scots, the language presents a fascinating topic of study because it has numerous linguistic similarities to those languages. In my foreword to the dictionary, I draw attention to the unique history of Hattstedt Frisian and its classification within the Frisian language family, which is closely related to English and Scots. This connection results in many recognisable words for English and Scots speakers, making the study of Hattstedt Frisian even more engaging. My foreword also stresses the importance of respecting the indigenous tradition of referring to Hattstedt Frisian as a language rather than a dialect, as the latter term has a long history of being used derogatorily and does therefore not reflect the value of treating Hattstedt Frisian equally and fairly compared with other languages. By reviving this tradition and adopting the indigenous perspective in my work, I pay homage to the departed Hattstedt Frisian speakers.

The Hattstedt Frisian language, once considered extinct as its last fluent speaker passed away in 1981, was successfully acquired by me in 2021. The current dictionary is the product of my Hattstedt Frisian studies and linguistic reconstruction, by utilising my knowledge of other Frisian languages to interpret and correct available materials. The Hattstedt Frisian materials of Moritz Momme Nissen, a 19th-century North Frisian linguist whom greatly respect, form the basis for the first-ever Hattstedt Frisian dictionary in the English language. These materials are supplemented with insights from later authors and of course, my own insights. The Hattstedt Frisian dictionary is designed to be an evolving resource or living document, encouraging feedback and active use in order to improve and expand its content. It serves as a practical eductional tool for learning Hattstedt Frisian, studying historical materials, and producing new materials in the language. Overall, my foreword sets the stage for a long-term project which will see the gradual expansion and improvement of the dictionary.


  1. Congratulations! Very well done! What an achievement!
    I particularly like the dictionary’s future potential as a long term project in the form of an evolving, interactive document

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    • Thank you so much for your kind words and congratulations. I am thrilled that you appreciate the future potential of the dictionary as a long term project in the form of an evolving, interactive document. I am glad you recognise the effort that went into its creation as well as the hard work that will go into its continued development.

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    • Thank you for your wonderful words and support! This is incredibly meaningful to me. I will definitely continue working on this project and strive to make it even better. And thank you for reminding me to stay safe and take care. You too, please take care and stay safe!

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    • I am humbled by your recognition of my efforts, and I will continue to do my best to preserve and promote this beautiful language. Thank you for your support and appreciation!

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