My First Time on the Mystical Island of Po Toi

Written by Dyami Millarson

I took the boat to Po Toi island in the morning of Saturday 22 April 2017. It was a spiritual journey that relaxed me. When I arrived near the dock of Po Toi, I could see from the ship there was a sacrificial fire burning on a cliff. It looked like a movie scene. It inspired me with awe. The scene of the sacrificial fire never left me, because it felt like a new beginning. I walked around on the mysterious island. The nature was powerful and there were ghostly abandoned buildings. I realised this island was a spirit island. The setting would make for a perfect horror movie, but I felt the spiritual presence was benign, and it was by no means malignant. The island had been abandoned many years ago, I could see the tragic history of depopulation before my eyes. Socioeconomic changes had been to blame for this. There were only elderly left on the island, and they were quite silent. They sat and waited. I could feel the true soul of Hong Kong being preserved on Po Toi; the mystical origins of Hong Kong were here somehow, the island spirits took care to preserve its true natural essence.


  1. What you discovered is powerful. It reminds me of a trip to China, when I learned about dynasties, and a country’s history that exists long before my country.
    It’s empowering to discover other cultures, cities, and countries, while simultaneously learning about their history and their respective timelines.
    Doesn’t every location hold the key to enriching history?

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    • Thank you for sharing your reflections on my article about my visit to Po Toi. I am so glad that my experience resonated with you and reminded you of your own trip to China. It is indeed a powerful feeling to explore different cultures, cities, and countries, and to delve into their rich histories. Each location has its unique stories and contributes to the tapestry of human experience, offering us valuable opportunities to broaden our knowledge and perspectives. Discovering these connections and embracing the wisdom they bring is our mission over here. For this very reason, our Foundation is called Foundation Operation X for languages, cultures and perspectives.


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