Frisian mission

Written by Dyami Millarson

What is our purpose with Frisian? We are working hard to become the first to learn all Frisian languages, whilst we have the aim to help and inspire others to do the same. We believe that only if we learn all these languages ourselves, we may help others learn and conserve them. We wish to make these languages accessible to all and therefore we are mediators for these languages. In other words, our work consists of linguistic mediation for the sake of linguistic diversity preservation; we promote lesser-used languages in order that they may be learned and hence preserved. No language may survive without language acquisition, and language acquisition, in turn, requires a continuous effort or tradition of transmitting the language. Our promotion work by means of raising awareness facilitates language acquisition; we are presenting people with the option of learning these languages and this change in their consciousness about the existence of (the option of learning) these languages may actually lead to action. We have a Confucian view on language preservation: we are human-centric, learning-focused and tradition-oriented. We combine thousands of years of imperial Chinese learning with thousands of years of Western wisdom and we apply our Confucian humanistic beliefs to languages spoken along the North Sea coast of mainland Northwestern Europe.