What Should Be in Our New Mission Statement?

Written by Dyami Millarson

The mission statement of our website is going to be changed/updated in 2023. I would love to discuss with our readers what to include in our new mission statement.

So please let us know in the comments below what you think is important to include in the mission statement of Operation X.

I will list some of our activities below. This list will give you a rough idea of what we do and what we are about.

  • Philosophical mission: our philosophy motivates us to study endangered languages
    • Charity: we want to improve the world through good deeds without expectations of receiving anything in return
  • Language studies: our Foundation is dedicated to the study, documentation, classification, institutional recognition, and promotion of minority languages
    • Language revitalisation (i.e. language decline reversal): we study and revitalise near-extinct languages
    • Language revival (i.e. de-extinction): we study and revive extinct languages
    • Language reconstruction (“filling in the gaps”): we reconstruct poorly documented languages after studying related languages and thus we contribute by recovering what was once lost
  • Anglo-Frisian studies: we study English and Frisian languages side by side
  • Dictionary projects: I am compiling dictionaries for various Frisian languages
  • Diary-styled blog: the concept behind this blog is to write it like a personal diary
    • Daily life blog: we teach languages by talking about our daily activities
      • Cooking with languages: learn new recipes with us while learning more about languages and cultures
      • Watching movies with us: let’s review movies and analyse them by drawing on knowledge of minority languages and cultures
  • Operation X archive: this blog is the public archive of Foundation Operation X
  • Free giveaways: we will publish our books for free and thereby contribute to the world
  • Photography: I use my own photos as a form of art to portray minority areas
    • Frisian photography: I am sharing photos of the Frisian environments that are associated with different Frisian languages and cultures


    • Yes, that is an excellent idea!
      Exploring the benefits of learning languages is very practical, and we can definitely share our experiences.
      There are also many “hidden treasures” in languages. These “discoveries” may be counted as benefits as well since they are satisfying rewards for the hard work of learning languages thoroughly!

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  1. Fully agree with aim “promotion of minority languages”.
    A historical section explaining why and how some languages became minority languages would be interesting because certain conditions might need to be reversed or counteracted

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    • Yes, very good point!
      The study of the causes of language decline is quite relevant to mention in the mission statement.
      Since we strive to come up with practical solutions for language decline and language extinction, we are also obliged to study the specifics of what led to such unfortunate situation in the first place.

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  2. Languages are such a beautiful thing to preserve and it is important that your mission statement is clear and concise, detailing what your key aims are 🙂


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